Races of the Wastes

Click the links below to learn more about the post-human races that survived the Crap Times.

The Dwarves

A stout and hardy race, who live in the Rocky Mountains and Black Hills in huge tunnel-cities.

The Elves

A lithe and fair race, who live in and around the Redwood forests of the West coast.

The Halflings

A small and raucous race, who returned to the ruins of their ancestors, taking shelter from the wild magic in the shells of fallen skyscrapers.

The Humans

A versatile and curious race, who live just about anywhere.

The Dragonborn

A proud and tough race, who live in the magically afflicted marshlands near the Baja peninsula.

The Gnomes

A small and clever race, who live in bunkers beneath the ruins of the San Francisco Bay area.

The Half-Elves

A half-breed race, who forever feel out of place, wandering between lands in their search for meaning.

The Half-Orcs

A ferocious and bold half-breed race, who roam the deserts near the nomadic tribes of their parents.

The Tieflings

A mystical and alien race, who live in the harsh relative safety of Death Valley.