The Humans

For reasons nobody knows, some bands of humans survived the Crap Times completely unaffected. Whether by some kind of genetic immunity, pure dumb luck, or the will of beneficent beings pulling the strings of fate, none could say, but the undeniable facts are that these small tribes wandered the wastes for thousands of years, surviving threats both mundane and supernatural, and yet still perfectly resemble the ancestors even before the Big Wake Up.

Throughout the Crap Times, some bands of survivors thought they were the only vestiges of humanity left. Even now, as the races move into the Now What?, some tribes of humans find it hard to believe that the other races are truly their cousins. Considering what they must have seen for the last several thousand years, who can blame them? Others, however, are excited to see any fellow survivors, regardless of their outward appearance.

There's not much else tying the remaining humans together. Some huddled together in fortified structures, while others wandered the wastes, living off the land. Some went high into the mountain peaks, some into the desert, and others underground. On the whole, though, humans have a few things in common. They tend to be versatile and adaptable, ready to adjust their approach and work together to find a way to pull through. They can make friends easily, even from outside their race, and are often fiercely loyal to whoever they consider to be in their circle.