The Big Wake Up

Sometime in the first few hundred years after the Bad Bombs were made, Something came from space and caused the Big Wake Up.

Something crashed into the waters and many people died. But those that lived found that something in them Woke Up. Something magical, that had maybe been alive only in their minds and hearts and imaginations and had maybe been alive in their past, and had maybe been alive for some of them all along. Before, when they imagined, they had to work and work for years to make it real, and sometimes never could. But now that they Woke Up, they could imagine it and it could be real now, if they imagined it just right.

But these were the people that built the Bad Bombs, things they had imagined that they did have to work years and years to make real. So it didn't take long at all before they imagined something even worse, and it took no time at all before that became real once they Woke Up. And once it was real, it took hardly any longer before they used it, and then the Crap Times started.